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Billion Dollar Babies in America’s
Failed Foster Care, Adoption and Prison Systems

by Lori Carangelo

from the files of Americans For Open Records (AmFOR), member of Amnesty International


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“Chosen,” not “Born”??....Many adoptees view adoption this way as result of the “chosen child” story.

“CHOSEN CHILDREN” is a provacative, exposé and documentary that has ferreted out the politics and people – including the “chosen children” – and their shocking “stories behind the stories.” The book also offers alternatives to America's failed foster care, adoption and prison systems. Entirely updated and expanded since the 2002 edition published by Schenkman Books scholarly book publishers, this edition “follows the dollars,” names the special interests, and reveals WHY so many adults who were fostered or adopted as children have had such negative outcomes from petty criminals to serial killers, supported by new data, news reports, court records, narratives and direct interviews. But also the veil of secrecy is lifted to reveal WHY even apparently successful adoptees such as STEVE JOBS express similar unresolved feelings of abandonment and rejection stemming from being adopted -- the “Billion Dollar Babies in America's Failed Foster Care, Adoption and Prison Systems.”

(ISBN 0-942605-25-X; 273 numbered pages; indexed; published by Access Press, 2012)